Dawn A. Temple Licensed Massage Therapist

Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates are available and you can get these one of two ways.  1.  Pick up in office.  I do suggest you call or text me first to make sure I am available so you do not show up and I am in a session or not in the office 309-314-5578.  2.  At this time I can invoice you or you can send the money through Paypal and I can send the certificates in the mail. I am working on an online service in which you would print the certificates yourself but at this time I can only do the two choices above.  If you would like to purchase online please send me an Email at dawntemplemassage@gmail.com with the Subject Massage Gift Certificate and I will email you back in regards to your needs.  Thank You So Much!  Gift Certificates make an amazing gift whatever the occasion!